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27–31 May 2024 // Dublin, Ireland



Call for Papers

Beyond the Chain: 2nd Workshop on DAG-based Distributed Ledger Technologies (DAG-DLT)


Workshop Co-Chairs:

Luigi Vigneri (IOTA Foundation):

Sebastian Mueller (Université Aix-Marseille):

Pietro Ferraro (Imperial College London):

Nikita Polianskii (IOTA Foundation)

invites submissions of original research papers in the field of Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) based distributed ledgers.

This workshop delves into the burgeoning field of DAG-based DLTs, focusing on their potential for enhanced scalability and performance over traditional blockchains. It aims to gather experts from academia and industry to explore advancements in DAG structures, particularly in consensus protocols like Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) and Nakamoto consensus. Key topics include various writing access modes (lottery-based, committee-based, open, permissioned), their impact on fairness, security, and performance, and the challenges in developing robust and comparable performance metrics. Emphasis will also be placed on Maximum Extractable Value (MEV), its centralization effects, and implications for system robustness and wealth distribution. The workshop encourages discussions on new DAG-based DLT designs, security analyses, transaction mechanisms, and applications across diverse domains, fostering an exchange of ideas and insights on the trade-offs between fairness, security, and performance in DAG DLTs.

Topics of Interest Include (But Are Not Limited To)

  • New DAG-based DLT designs and implementations
  • Formal description and security analysis of DAG-based systems
  • Performance evaluation and comparison of different DAG-based DLTs
  • Security and privacy challenges in DAG-based DLTs
  • MEV in DAG-based systems
  • Transaction fee mechanisms in DAG-based DLTs
  • Writing access models in DAG-based DLTs
  • Parallel execution and dependency tracking in smart contracts
  • Interoperability and standardization in DAG-based DLTs
  • Practical applications of DAG-based DLTs in various domains

Submission Guidelines

Authors submitting to the workshop must ensure the originality of their work, written in English and not concurrently under consideration or previously published elsewhere. Manuscripts must adhere to the IEEE two-column format, utilizing templates provided on IEEE Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings. Technical Manuscripts should not exceed 6 pages for full papers and 2 pages for research outlines, both excluding references. Survey and SoK papers may take up to 15 pages.
All papers must be submitted through EDAS (, accepting only PDF files. The review process is double-blind, and authors should avoid self-referencing to maintain anonymity. Accepted and presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings and submitted to IEEE Xplore.

Important Dates

Workshop Papers Submission Deadline (EXTENDED):


Reviews Released to Authors:


Rebuttals Due:


Final Acceptance Notification:


Camera Ready:



Workshop Format

This workshop will include keynote speeches, paper presentations, and speed presentations, providing a vibrant platform for exchanging ideas and discussing future directions in DAG-based DLTs. The speed presentations will have the following format:

  • Format. Authors of 2-page research outline papers will deliver concise, 5-minute presentations. Each presentation is strictly timed to maintain the session's pace.

  • Objective. This format focuses on the core ideas of each paper, encouraging clarity and conciseness. It's designed to capture the audience's attention quickly and stimulate interest in the topics presented.

  • Discussion. After a set of presentations, a moderated Q&A session will be held, allowing attendees to delve deeper into the topics they found most intriguing. This segment promotes lively discussions and further exploration of the ideas presented.

For any queries, please contact the workshop organizers.


  • Darcy Camargo (IOTA Foundation)
  • Teodoro Montanaro (Università del Salento)
  • Andreas Penzkofer (Mantle)
  • Serguei Popov (University of Porto)
  • Mayank Raikwar (University of Oslo)
  • Alexandre Reiffers-Masson (IMT Atlantique) 
  • Luigi Patrono (Università del Salento) 
  • Nikita Polianskii (IOTA Foundation)
  • Andrew Lewis-Pye  (London School of Economics and Political Science)
  • Olivia Saa (IOTA Foundation)
  • Giulia Scaffino (Vienna University of Technology)
  • Stefan Schulte (Hamburg University of Technology)
  • Robert Shorten (Imperial College London)
  • Yan Tao (UZH Zürich)
  • Nicolò Vallarano (UZH Zürich)
  • Roman Vitenberg (University of Oslo) 
  • Yury Yanovich (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology)


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